By using flower bouquets still life photographs I wanted to highlight different aspects of blindness. This body of work is an outcome of a physical partial blindness in my right eye, which led me to study the light (surplus and absence), as it appears in the photography techniques and continues to consciousness blindness dealing with the gap between representation (the flower in this case) and its history.

The demolishing of natural characteristics of flowers - turning it into decorations by a series of violent actions such as – Spraying , dyeing, twisting, paste -reflect the process of transforming the object into a myth. As such, we become blind to its history. The wildflowers we saw in nature become bought bouquets that are missing representation of their predecessors. The absence of the reproduction parts and becoming a consumer product, sterilized them literally, and not least consciousness.
Choosing a familiar object and creating seductive look full of details, become dire as Black becomes dominant in photography. The concealing of the object (by hiding the light or the lens) asks to Suspend the viewer's eye and direct to the absent.

2011, Photography, Archival pigment print. series of 3

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