Still Life, 2012

The mold that appears in the photographs is a flower s derivation that was used for a Still Life Photography. It was photographed two times in six months.

Using the mold as an object, is following the theme of the Still Life paintings, especially the Vanitas genre  that want to raise social criticism about the society in which we live, where beauty and wealth are the main goal. Unlike the vanitas paintings that meant to remind viewers of the transience of life and imply death, these photographs display the death in the way that the object is already dead and now we see its new incarnation.

Though this incarnation is the derivation of beauty, it presents a different one: abstract. Dark, morbid and seductive.

By lying the photographs on the pedestal in a way that it is not visible immediately to the eye create an illusion. It seems as if the pedestal is waiting for laying an object on theme while they present the death of on that used to lay on it.

The gaze of the viewer down reminds by the movement of the head looking down into abyss / pump

The objects are cubes in different sizes. On every cube lays a photograph of mold. At installation the pedestals stand close to each other (gap of 5 cm) in order to make mixed view of the mold as well as blocking the immediate and full view of each image

Still Life 2012. Installation. Mixed media (Wooden Pedestal, Photograph)

100X45X30 cm
80X45X30 cm
60X45X30 cm